Coldness of the Night: A Young North Korean Girl’s Incredible Escape

Imagine a world without food, without hope and without freedom. Imagine embracing these concepts as a fugitive in an unknown environment at the age of thirteen. Imagine learning that happiness is more than just having a meal to eat. Imagine learning what true liberty is.Yeonmi Park, is one individual who learned just that. Yeonmi Park is a young North Korean escapee who went on an incredible journey to earn her freedom and gained her human dignity in the process. At the age of thirteen, young Yeonmi Park followed her loving mother across the Yalu River into China. She describes the river as freezing and the threat of being caught possibly added to the coldness of that night. Miss Park continued her journey across the Gobi Desert and reached the Mongolian border. Eventually South Korea became her new home and safe haven. Her autobiographical account can be read in her book,”In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” The book describes the hardships of North Korea and her endless journey to freedom. Many people view Yeonmi Park’s book as a worthless hoax and claim that her descriptions of North Korea are inaccurate. Other critics believe that her autobiography will over power and overwhelm “factual” accounts of North Korean escapees. Despite what the critics say, Young Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates sticks to her account for only she and her mother truly know the cruelty of that endless night and that never ending trip to freedom. For more information on Miss Park, please read and watch the following video at:

Dealing with Your Online Presence with Status Labs

We are living in the unbridled age of the internet. Nowadays anyone can start a business and, more relevant even, anyone can critique and leave their opinion on said business. Websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s List have all grown into the go-to places for potential customers to investigate businesses before spending their hard earned cash. While this is a great thing for the consumer, it is starting to kill the small businesses out there. Fortunately there are ways for business owners to fight back against unfair reviews and engage potential customers.

Andrew Gruel is the owner of Slapfish, a restaurant that focuses on servicing customers with seafood that is both delicious and sustainable. However, his new business was immediately hit by bad reviews from people who hated either his price or his portions. So Gruel did what any owner would do: he changed his prices and fixed his menu. Customers responded to the change but those horrible reviews weren’t deleted. That’s where a company like Status Labs would come into play. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that focuses on brand control for both individuals and their businesses.

Mr. Gruel told the press that you can get “buried by bad reviews” and that you have to “stop the bleeding” as quickly as possible in order to save your business. Reviews are a powerful tool: good ones can bring customers in droves but a single bad one can kill your earning potential. So a company like Status Labs will set up a plan of attack and work with Mr. Gruel in order to help alleviate his concerns with those bad reviews. The key way for them to do this is by being proactive in their responses.

Status Labs would monitor for good and bad reviews and then respond, on behalf of Mr. Gruel, in order to alleviate any potential issues. Having this hands on social approach makes customers feel appreciated, heard, and respected. Status Labs can help make this monumental task an approachable one, and save a business like Slapfish as a result — prompting many others to follow suit.

Latest Reports on New York Real Estate Deals

The most recent reports for New York Real Estate have stated that half of the new housing options built have been sold. The revenue coming in has hit the 1.7 billion dollar mark as of September.

Throughout the month of November 2015 there has been a four month supply of apartments sitting on the lot for sale. This November has seen a five percent decrease compared to last year.

Midtown East and West made it clear that there have been immediate decreases in absorption rates. Absorption rates refer to how long it would take to sell all active apartments available for purchase. The average balanced amount is between 6-9 months. At just three months, West Side has experienced the lowest absorption New York apartments for rent.

From November 2014 to this modern day there has been no real correlation between absorption rates. One month the count may increase while the next it could decrease. The lowest rate is 3.4 and the highest is 5.1. All twelve months fall between those values.

All the new development in the Brooklyn area has seen the news. Nearly 50% of the active listings have been sold. There are 500 listings still available for purchase on the lot. The average price for the basic studio listings is $696,000 and average price for the biggest listings is $4,991,000.

There is also plenty more becoming available over the next few years. There are over 1200 plans that have been set in or are already accepted and put in motion. The piping supply has allowed for more units to be rented.

Luxury contracts are still in the process of being signed. Over thirty contracts have been signed for luxury units priced at four million or more. This all occurred while the stock market was tanking.

Town Residential, created by CEO Andrew Heiberger, started back in 2010. This company specializes in selling luxury units. They also specialize in leasing. In addition to sales, they work on marketing of property developments.

The center of this company is filled with professionals with extensive experience and knowledge. The recipe for success relies heavily on the unique methods of operation. Town Residential ranks as the best firm to work for and top fifty places to work for in New York.

The Healthy World Of Beneful

Just saying Beneful to a dog’s owner, and you can see the excitement it brings. That’s because it was made to tantalize a dog’s taste buds. This company makes sure that what the dog is eating, provides the correct nutrients for your dog to remain very healthy. This food is made with some wholesome ingredients. The ingredients are bacon, cheese, beans, meat, soy, and even peanut butter.

Beneful has a few different products to delight our four legged friends palate. This includes dry food, wet or canned food and a number of snacks. There is now a soy product, that was introduced in 2005.

There is Beneful Original Recipe. Some ingredients in this tasty treat are ground Yellow Corn Chicken By-product Meal. Corn gluten meal ,rice flour, bone meal, whole wheat flour, dried peas, spinach. As one can see all these ingredients are healthy, to keep your pets performance at their best.

Let us not forget our older friends on, they too need more love. Beneful has an adult healthy weight formula, because we all know as we age, what happens. The ingredients are almost identical to the original recipe, but soybean hull is added, about 13% of Fiber.
To allow for easy digestion.

The prepared meals which was introduced in 2006, has eight flavors. This product comes in a resealable container which can be used as a dog bowl. This package was recognized by the Pack Expo Selects Awards in 2007.

The Incredibites is made with real beef, even the most finicky dog seems to love this product. It comes in three different sizes, from 3.5 pounds, up to 15.5lbs, which is great for larger dogs. A lot of the pet owners loves Beneful on amazon for the quality and the value of the product, also they say it a taste their pets enjoy.

Beneful has propelled the Nestle Purina Company to make $1.5 billion in 2012. Making it the fourth most popular dog brand. There slogan “Your Pet, Our Passion”, is something that they really stand behind.

This product is sold in supermarkets, mom and pop stores and on line.

Changing Property In The Greater Tennessee Area

Many condos and buildings have now popped up in neighborhoods that were once avoided. The real estate market is booming and it has seen a historic increase in the past few years. The County property assessor has stated that the increase in residential property has been between 33 and 37% recently. Areas such as Inglewood and the eastern parts of Nashville have seen large increases in the value of properties and the appraisal of the city had increased at 5.3% between the years of 2009 and 2013. This has been the largest increase in the value of property in Nashville since 1989.

The Davidson County property assessor believes that single property family residence or properties are going to continue to increase and by next year they will probably have the biggest increase ever seen since starting the four-year appraisals. This increase is unique to Nashville and the tax increase will most likely hit the neighborhoods that have the largest appreciation. The biggest increase in the property values are happening in the older neighborhoods that are being gentrified; these neighborhoods are near the center of Nashville.
With this increase in property values many homeowners or potential homeowners are sure to be looking for a trusted real estate development company. Scott Lumley is an entrepreneur and an independent real estate developer. He is with a company called resolve financials and his company has met with great success. His business began over 10 years ago and he only invested $250 at first. He began to sell merchandise on eBay and shortly after he launched his own website. With his website he began to give out wholesale deals on electronics over the Internet.

Lumley became a principal member of Resolve Commercial LLC which is a real estate company in the Louisville area. Lumley works in the remodeling and purchasing of older commercial buildings and he and his team give them a modern day feel. Lumley has been a partner in Resolve Commercial LLC for over five years. Lumley is a true entrepreneur, and his real estate company has met with much success. There are many individuals that are looking to remodel and purchase older homes in the greater Tennessee area, and this company has been able to help many of such individuals to remodel older well-built homes and turn them into the homes of their dreams.