Lime Crime: A Divine Incarnation of Inspiration!

Have you ever wanted to feel like an empowered moon goddess sitting proudly upon her unicorn in the middle of a field of wild flowers? Okay, okay…maybe not in the middle of a field full of wild flowers, but you get the gist, right? Lime Crime offers a line of cruelty-free, fully vegan, and bright bold cosmetics. Whether accenting your eyes, lips, or nails, Lime Crime will definitely help you tap into that inner well of empowerment to transcend a look that is uniquely you.

Walk into a room and wow the crowd with a BOOM! POW! look that says “This is me!” Anyone who appreciates art, will appreciate the use of vibrant, youthful colors Lime Crime offers. Your face is a canvas and perhaps the most important piece you’ll have on display every day. Why not let the creative gal or guy within shine? Let people see you for who you are, a bold, strong, fierce, and artistic person who is not afraid to be yourself, especially in a world where being yourself is not always viewed in a positive light.

Lime Crime is about more than just a usual day-to-day cover-up. Any fashionista knows that appearances are about making a statement about personality and individuality. Make-up is a personal expression of who we want the world to recognize us as, so, why not use what Lime Crime has to offer on and accent your best features as expressively and as boldly as possible?

If you are the kind of gal or guy who marches to the own beat of your fashionista drum then Lime Crime is for you. Here’s why! It is a line of cosmetics that speaks to the creative individual from deep within. Bright, bold hues are not just for the tippy tips of your nails, at least it is not when it comes to Lime Crimes cosmetics line. They offer beautiful palettes that will make your eyes pop! And did we mention the bold look at me lipsticks? That’s right, express your individuality with any of their unique lines, such as the perfect matte lip that Velvetines offers or Unicorn Lips, the line that lets “your lips speak louder than your words.”

If you want to get a feel for the looks inspired by the Lime Crime line, check them out at  It’s all about individuality, the only question left is are you ready to let that inner moon goddess out and rock a look that is uniquely you?

The Man Behind Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is primarily an alternative investment company specializing in the management of hedge funds, distressed investment funds and structured investment. The firm was incorporated more than 2 decades ago and through its entire history has been evolving and is currently one of most experienced and biggest alternative credit managers globally.

In the beginning, Mark Okada and Jim Dondero established a joint venture in January 1990 with Protective Life Insurance Corporation specializing in fixed income markets and management of senior secured bank credit. This venture in 1993 evolved to become Protective Asset Management Company and registered with SEC as an investment advisor with 60 percent stake owned by Protective Life and the remaining 40% by Dondero of insidermonkey and Odaka. Nevertheless, Okada and Dondero in 1997 bought the stake owned by Protective Life and formed an independent SEC registered advisor known as Ranger Asset Management, L.P. The next year, Ranger Asset Management, L.P converted to Highland Capital Management L.P which has stuck to date.

Currently, Highland Capital Management is an independently-owned investment company having more than 2 decades of experience in a wide range of institutional and retail investors. The firm is rapidly growing and has a team of more than 180 employees working for the company worldwide. The firm has its head office in Dallas, Texas in addition to a network of offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York. The firm’s diversified clients comprises of foundations, endowments and pension plans, corporations, high-net worth individuals, governments and financial institutions. The firm is focused on not only providing value and delivering alpha but also providing exceptional products, protecting the capital of investors and chasing new opportunities. But who really is the man behind Highland Capital Management?
Mr. James Dondero popularly known as Jim is a CFA, CPA, CMA and is not only the Co-founder but also the, Portfolio Manager, Managing Partner and President of Highland Capital Management. Dondero is tasked with the management of private equity business and is also in charge of determining as well as ensuring execution of the operational initiatives and strategic investment of the firm.

In addition, Mr. Dondero has been managing the portfolio of Nextpoint Credit Strategies Fund from 25th September 2012.Dondero is a Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder of NexPoint Capital, Inc in addition to being its president from 2014.Mr.Dondero is also the president and founder of NexPoint Advisors as well as the chairman of NexBank which is an affiliated bank whose majority stake is owned and controlled by Mr.Dondero.

Mr. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience touching on equity and credit markets investment and has been instrumental in pioneering new credit asset classes. Before co-founding Highland, Mr. Dondero served as Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary’s Chief Investment Officer and helped in growing the business from a mere idea to more than $2 billion from 1989 to 1993.

Mr. Dondero has vast experience in portfolio management that range from mortgage-backed securities, leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporates, preferred stocks and common stocks and emerging markets.

Yeonmi Park: A Real-Life Heroine Rises Against the Odds to Fight Injustice

The story is one that could have been ripped from a dystopian young adult novel. A young girl grows up under a repressive government shrouded in mystery. At the tender age of nine she is witness as her best friend’s mother is murdered along with several others. She watches helplessly as their brains are spilled onto the ground. Hungry and with no food available, she is forced to eat grass and dragonflies. To avoid starvation her parents begin smuggling precious metals across the border before her father is caught and sent to a forced labor camp. Branded a criminal’s daughter, she is left with no future, and she and her mother escape under cover of darkness to a land they hope will offer them freedom. Once there, she is trafficked into a dark world of shame and abuse. Eventually she escapes, and she and her mother trek across a frozen dessert, following the stars to freedom, where a new life unfolds and she becomes a warrior against a system of repression.

But this story is not the newest Hunger Games or Matched. This is the true story of Yeonmi Park on youtube. Yeonimi grew up in North Korea, an oppressive country where 24 million people live in enforced poverty. Schoolchildren are taught to view the outside world as impure and dangerous. Citizens have no freedom — what to wear, what to think, what to say, where to go — all of this is mandated by the government. “North Korea is an unimaginable country.” Yeonmi says, “We aren’t free to sing, say, wear, or think what we want.” As a child she witnessed terrible tragedies and injustices. She watched as her father was sent to a labor camp and then her mother was sent to jail for returning home without government permission.

Left without any future, Yeonmi Park and her mother escaped North Korea and headed to China. Once they arrived, they discovered only more terrors awaiting them. They ran into a man who wanted to rape Yeonmi. She was only 13 years old. Her mother sacrificed herself to spare her daughter, and was raped instead. The man ended up selling them both into slavery. For two years Yeonmi lived in that dark world. The man who bought her promised that if she would become his mistress that he would also purchase her parents. In an effort to save her family, she gave in. Shortly afterward her father died of cancer, and she buried him alone on a mountaintop.

Eventually, Yeonmi and her mother found a path to freedom. Walking, sometimes crawling, across the Gobi Desert in -40 degree temperatures, they followed the stars to a new life. Now, 21 year old Yeonmi Park is a college student studying criminal justice in Seol, South Korea. She invests her time fighting against the oppression and injustice of Kim Jong-II and his regime.

Beauty Tips You Need To Use

Beauty products are there to help you look better, improve your skin, and help you look your best. The hardest part is now knowing exactly what to do and what to look for in the beauty products that you buy. Throughout this article, you’re going to discover some very powerful tips to help you find makeup and use them in the most efficient way possible. It’s never been easier to learn more and get advice with the power of the Internet.

Beauty Tips You Need To Use

– Waterproof/Stayproof

If there is one feature in makeup you need to look out for on everything that you buy, it is wise to go out there and look for this single feature. Having lipstick, eyeliner, and even foundation that has a waterproof feature or some kind of Stayproof design is going to make a world of difference to how long the makeup stays on your face. When you’re going out for an event and you have minimal time for a touch up, anything that is going to stay on your face for a long time can help a whole lot. Waterproof makeup is good for when you find yourself potentially getting wet or getting sweaty.

– Skin Care Regimen

It is vital to have a specific set of skincare to do on a daily basis. When you have a set of cleanses, facial washes, and pore closing products helping your skin, you’ll have beautiful skin that will make it perfect to put makeup on. Having a skin care regimen will also help you enhance your skin for the future. It’s really important to have a good amount of products to use for cleansing your skin for the better over time.

– Blotting Paper

Have you ever been annoyed by oily skin or that funny shine in your T-Zone? Blotting papers are a perfect beauty product to use for when you find your skin acting up on insufficiently. Basically, blotting papers have the ability to absorb all the additional oils on your skin. They absorb all the useless amounts of oil on your face and they helo you get a shine that isn’t too oily.

– Lime Crime

Want beauty products that aren’t filled with harmless chemicals or unhealthy ingredients? Lime Crime by Doe Deere is by far one of the best brands in the makeup industry with cruelty-free and ergonomically-friendly makeup on The brand has maintained success over the years because of the way they approach product development and makeup creation.

To succeed in the world of makeup, your next biggest goal is to make sure that you choose the right items that truly for your style, comfort, and overall makeup goals. Don’t be scared to look carefully for all the right products so that you have and receive only top of the line makeup.