Sujit Choudhry Dissects How Autocrats Take Over Nations In His Latest Book

The founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry, published his most recent book recently, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?”. One chapter of this book is dedicated to dissecting a tweet that Eric Holder put on Twitter. He was the Attorney General in President Barack Obama’s time in office. His tweet went out during December 2017 and in it he stated that if Donald Trump were to terminate the special counsel investigation into him and others in his administration it would cross and “absolute red line”.

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What Eric Holder called for was that if the special counsel, Robert Mueller, were to be fired or meaningfully interfered with the American people should stand up and engage in mass peaceful protests. Sujit Choudhry wrote that Holder thinks the American people’s thoughts if this were to occur must be both seen and heard throughout the nation and world. In dissecting this tweet Sujit Choudhry said that what is meant by a “red line” is that a constitutional boundary that isn’t controversial must be respected. He also stated that it is ultimately the American people who determine what happens to those politicians who cross the line into unacceptable behavior.

In this chapter, Sujit Choudhry also wrote about how presidents in the United States are limited to two terms in office. He wrote about how an autocratic president might try to stay in office longer than this by declaring some type of national emergency, calling off elections, or possibly dissolving Congress. He said if this were to occur then political opponents will mobilize and get people to assemble in the streets against this move.

Throughout this book Sujit Choudhry writes about the current political climate in the United States and around the world. He writes that ever since the end of the Cold War against the Soviet Union the threats against constitutional democracy have changed, check  Far right-wing and nationalist parties have been trying to get into power through elections and then rapidly making constitutional changes so that they remain in power. They decry the free press, undermine the judicial branch, and otherwise eliminate all obstacles they face to stay the dominant party.

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Take the Pain out of Typing with Contour Designs

This week, Newswatch tv takes a look at a product everyone is familiar with; the computer keyboard and mouse. Contour Designs has revolutionized the user experience when it comes to computer typing workflow with a few of their products including, the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3. Initial thoughts about this product may include, “how can a product really make the “typing” experience any better?” These sentiments couldn’t be any further from the truth. Contour Designs truly has made computing productivity more effect and natural with their clever and forward thinking design.

Contour Designs values the need for change in order to create a more productive and pain free work environment. The Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 are a smart design that break free of the tradition mouse and key board setup. At first glance, these products truly stand out in their design. The traditional mouse off to the right side of the user is absent, and instead in its place, is the roller bar, that sits under the keyboard and within easy reach the users thumb and index fingers. This design eliminates the need for constant reaching off to the side in order to access the mouse. Both the Roller Mouse Red, and Roller Mouse Free 3 allow for a unique, quick, and more natural motion to manipulate the computer curser.

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Sujit Choudhry and his View on How Democracy is Sliding to Autocracy

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at the University of California. Sujit is the director of Constitutional Transitions ( His passion for democracy and the constitutional has driven him to do research and write books about democracy. He is a constitutional advisor and an expert in facilitating public dialogues.

Sujit Choudhry Publications

Sujit writes books based on research about democracy and constitutional law. His recent publication is called ‘Constitutional democracies in Crisis?’ The book talks about how democracy is failing and how the presidency is sliding into autocracy. The publication is based on the tweet made by Eric Holder, the former attorney during Obama’s reign.

Hoard said firing of Bob Mueller was an ‘absolute redline’ and if removed, the American people should hold a peaceful demonstration. According to Sujit, Mueller’s insinuations mean the American people will determine how the issues will be resolved and determine if the leaders in authority have crossed the set boundary.

Sujit view on constitutional self-enforcement, built around the concept of a focal point

Sujit Choudhry suggests ways in which political leaders break legal rules to enforce their laws. In the case of Bob Mueller, Eric Holder should have taken the case to court to allow the judiciary to decide, but deciding to leave the issue for the public to choose is an example of democratic failure.

Another focal point that political leaders break is the presidential term limit. Autocrats break the constitutional rule by declaring a state of emergency to stay in office for longer. In the context of Holders ‘red line’, Invoking power from people and the court system is like self-coup.

Threats to Constitutional Democracy

Sujit says autocracy has evolved, instead of coup d’états, there is democratic back sliding, where government officials use their power to manipulate constitutional rules and institutions to favor them for the next elections to remain in power. Choudhry says people’s belief that democracy is the only game in town’ is the primary cause of democratic backsliding, and that political legitimation can only be acquired through democracy even if politicians are using it to hide autocratic regimes.  Learn more about the Professor, visit his channel on

Sujit publications have opened people’s eyes on how those in authority have manipulated democracy and its constitutional rules to suit their autocratic desires.

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International Investment Professional Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has a very colorful past with investing. He has served on the board of directors with Brazil based Multibanco before becoming CEO in 1976. As Multibanco was absorbed by Bank of America in 1978, Igor left to pursue other opportunities. He discovered a new career with another investment firm in Brazil, Unibanco. After working with Unibanco for seven years, Igor was ready to move to the next phase of his career. He made the move to Libra Bank PLC, and eventually on to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, where he would spend another seven years. During this time, he found success on their board of directors.

It was in 1995 that Igor Cornelsen decided to strike out on his own, starting his own investment firm. It only made sense for him; he had spent so many years managing stock market funds for financial institutions, that he was more than capable of managing his own stock funds as well as the funds of his clients. He manages funds across several different stock exchanges in several different countries, waking up early each morning to catch the opening bell of the European markets. He spends his days reading the international news, while researching economies and companies to invest in.

Igor’s typical investments focus mostly in economies that are improving, while avoiding economies in locations that are plagued with political unrest. Nothing excites him more than to catch a trending economy or company before his peers, maximizing his profit through his foresight. He is a proponent of Reuters, believing that it is the only reliable source of information; other analysts are often biased due to their own investments and interests. He goes on to recommend that folks who are new to investing simply follow informational facts and pay little or no attention to the views of other investors.

It hasn’t always been easy for Igor, though. Thinking he was investing conservatively, Igor sold his valuable investments cheap, while overpaying for investments that weren’t worth as much. Despite this, Igor was able to make a comeback.

Igor Cornelsen’s final piece of advice is to follow the facts, and the facts alone. Do not let others influence your investments with what they think is right.

Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Insititute of Architects recently came forward to announce that the CEO of the company, Robert Ivy has been bestowed with some of the highest honors in the architectural field. Ivy is being given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, which is being granted to him by an organization known as MIAL. The MIAL stands for the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, which is an organization that recognizes notable pieces of art and the artists behind them. Through the past several years, the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award has been given to artists who have created extraordinary works of art and who have contributed to the field as a whole. Through their awards, the organization aims to recognize well-known names and talent that has created a noticeable impact.

When Robert Ivy was announced to be the recipient of this award, it was the first time that anyone in the field of architecture was being recognized. The organization noticed the impact that Ivy had as a result of his position and understood the developments that he was trying to put forth. Being a revolutionary in the architectural field, the organization only saw it befitting to honor him with this notable award.

As the CEO to the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has contributed an incredible amount to the growth and development of the architectural field as a whole, Because he is so well versed in the field, identifying the areas that need development and implementing measures to be able to improve that is something that Robert Icy has been working towards.

Technology is one of the main areas that Ivy has been trying to improve when it comes to the architectural field. As technology becomes more and more beneficial to our lives, using it to be able to improve the work that architects do is becoming more and more essential. To be able to achieve this goal, Ivy decided to team up with app developers and web designers so that they can come out with apps that can aid the work that they do.

Robert Ivy has a list of achievements that have helped him reach the important position that he currently is in. He has worked as an architect in the past and has also worked for architectural publications. He has served as a notable member of several of these agencies and has provided fellow architects with the tools to be able to put out good work.

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Oil Drilling- Talos Energy

Tim Duncan lives in Texas, Houston, and after the two days of Harvey’s equatorial distress, the roads were impassible. Duncan and his family were in danger. During this time Tim who is the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy was making a risky but important business deal together with other colleagues including Franklin of Templeton Investment. Riverstone, Apollo Management as well as Mackay Shield. Duncan had to ask for a private jet to help him move his family to his mother’s home. Duncan was making a risky deal of acquiring Stone Energy which was at the time undergoing financial challenges. The 45 years investor and the founder of Talos Energy knew how much he needed the deal done, and the hurricane was not to be an excuse. The deal was sealed after four months at his mother’s dining table.

After the completion of the deal, Duncan will be the new owner of Stone Energy and Talos will take over Stone Energy’s operations. Stone Energy has a revenue of about $900 million generation each year. Talos Energy will now have most of their asset in the Gulf of Mexico, helping the firm to lower their risk. Talos can be described as “classic wildcatter” taking opportunities of waters not only in the United States of America but also in the neighboring nation of Mexico. Even though the new company has a record of producing about 4800 barrels a day, Duncan and Talos Energy believes that they can do more. Duncan’s father owned an oil company, and he has also lived in different places among them Texas, New York and also Egypt. To know more about the company click here.

Before the Hurricanes, Duncan and his partners were negotiating on how they can settle $800 million debt, and according to his advisor Jerry Schhretter who is the Managing Director of Citi, despite the Hurricane, the deal would still be a challenge. Since 1996 Tim Duncan has worked in the oil drilling industry, and in 2012 he decided to established Talos Energy. Talos Energy acquires some Stone Energy assets, but the most promising asset is Pompano platform, which Stone Energy purchased from BP for $200 million.

Richard Dwayne Blair Explains His Unique Three-pillar Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is a talented financial consultant and the owner of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory company based in Austin, Texas. The primary mission of the firm is to make a positive impact on entrepreneurs, startups, families and individuals. Since he was a young boy, Richard had a vision of helping other people on financial growth and knowledge.

His grandmother and mother were teachers, and this made him realize how firsthand knowledge can improve one’s confidence. He developed a positive attitude for finance, and his goal was to find a way to educate people on financial planning and investment.

To accomplish his goal and mission, Richard Dwayne Blair joined the University of Houston where he graduated with a degree in finance. At the institution, he got the right knowledge to enter the finance sector. Soon after graduating, he joined the financial world and established his own company, Wealth Solutions in 1994.

Wealth Solutions was an excellent platform for Richard to provide personalized and professional advice to his clients. The firm offers numerous services ranging from financial planning, retirement planning, portfolio management, financial goals, wealth management and life insurance.

Richard Dwayne Blair is focused on helping people achieve their financial goals by providing wealth management and retirement plan. For Blair to give a comprehensive financial plan, he follows a three-pillar approach. The strategy helps him in coming up with a holistic plan for guiding a client’s current financial situation and the retirement needs.

The first Pillar is to lay out a client’s financial roadmap. He will identify the client’s opportunity for growth, strengths and goals and these help in building a strong and lasting relationship with clients to help them on the financial growth journey.

The second pillar is to design a long-term investment strategy that matches the client’s liquidity needs. These allow Richard to actively manage and reallocate assets to ensure maximum performance during upward market movement.

The third pillar is implementation and monitoring. Richard Blair implements and monitors the client’s financial goals by comparing with the company’s expectations and goals. The unique strategic methods have helped M. Blair to successfully track down the financial management, financial goals and retirement plans for his clients.

Larkin and Lacey Unsurprised By Arpaio

Many people assumed former sheriff Joe Arpaio would spend the rest of his days rotting away in a jail cell. However, to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, there was very little surprise in the pardon that Arpaio had received from President Trump. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

After more than 20 years of reporting on Arpaio, the two have come to expect calculated moves from him.

The latest one was supporting President Trump from the early stages of his campaign when many people discounted his chances of being a real candidate.

Arpaio, winner of re-election multiple times, lent Trump a kind of legitimacy he desperately needed. By backing Trump and the birther movement, he helped both to gain ground and eventually a foothold within the Republican party. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Shrewd observers like Larkin and Lacey saw this as a move that Arpaio planned from the start, knowing he would eventually need help to avoid serving jail time.

With so much experience seeing Arpaio make moves to increase his power and avoid any retribution, the founders of the Phoenix New Times were not surprised to see the 85 year old worm his way out of his prison sentence.

This is not surprising considering the issue that earned him jail time in the first place, ignoring a judge’s direct word to stop racially profiling people.

In his time as Arizona sheriff, Arpaio did everything he could to earn a reputation as America’s Toughest Sherriff, the nickname he loved so much.

This included targeting groups like prisoners, Latinos, and even journalists like Larkin and Lacey. Some of the offenses he is known to have committed over time include:

  • Forcing prisoners to live in inhumane conditions, including outside in tents in the Arizona heat
  • Racially profiling people of Hispanic descent
  • Illegally arresting Larkin and Lacey because he did not like what they published about them

In the case of the founders of the Phoenix New Times, Arpaio was held responsible in some way when they sued Maricopa County for compensation.

The millions they won went to found the Frontera Fund, a charity that focuses on helping the underrepresented stand up against injustices. Much of the assistance given is to Latinos unfairly targeted, like so many were under Arpaio’s reign as sheriff.

Unfortunately, Arpaio’s real punishment for this systemic racial profiling will never come to pass, thanks to the pardon he received.

Although he was ordered to serve jail time for contempt of a judgement against him, he now never will.

Wealth Management and Richard Blair

If you are an affluent individual looking for help managing your wealth so that you can protect your financial future, you have come to the right place. Wealth Management founder Richard Blair has combined his knowledge and skill with his families teaching talents to show others how to get the most from the money they have earned.


He is passionate about his work and strives to improve the lives of individuals and business owners from all backgrounds and walks of life. When you need a hand taking care of your wealth and don’t know where you should turn, Blair will guide you each step of the way.



A Plan Unique for Your Goals


A quick online search is all it takes to discover a range of people who promise to help you make smart investment decisions, but they won’t all give you the same results. Many of those people offer the same generic solution to everyone.


Rather than following in their footsteps, Blair goes out of his way to create a unique approach for each client. He will learn about you and the things you would like to achieve in the coming months and years, using that information to point you in the right direction. The steps used by Blair will give you the best possible odds of reaching the outcome you had in mind when you got started.



Trusted Advice


When your hard-earned money is on the line, you don’t want to take any chances, which is understandable. You know the importance of working only with people and companies that can get the job done right, and Blair won’t let you down. Boasting tax, retirement and income management certifications, he has the required skills to give you impressive results. In addition to having many outstanding qualifications, Blair always makes an effort to continue his education and to stay updated on the most recent trends.


No matter your age or the things you wish to achieve, Blair offers guidance on which you can depend. He will make sure you and your wealth are in good hands at all times, putting your worries to rest. Your investments will give you significant returns that you won’t be able to ignore. Those who want a trusted expert who won’t let them down know they can turn to Blair for their financial needs.



You Stay in Control


Some financial experts and advisors try to control how you spend and save your money. This approach causes many people to back away, and they might never reach out to another investing company. You can avoid that issue and retrain control of your wealth when you seek advice from Blair and this team of passionate professionals. Instead of controlling your assets, Blair tells you what steps he would take and helps you understand why he made that decision. Based on the information he gives, you can choose a path that makes the most sense for your goals.



Your Needs Are Top Priority


Many people complain that some financial firms have things other than their best interests at heart. Those people are disappointed that some firms focus more on their own needs than on the needs of the clients. Since Blair runs his own company, he does not have quotas to meet or hidden agendas to fulfill.


Your needs and bottom line are the top priority when you work with Blair to build and safeguard your financial future. Instead of having other motives, he will focus only on helping you achieve the outcome of which you have been dreaming. Many people are surprised when they work with Blair and see the difference for the first time, and you will likely feel the same way.



Pain-Free Account Transfers


If you are anything like other investors, you already know how complicated and stressful transferring accounts can be. Some firms will even wait until the last minute to hit you with hidden fees and other charges. Those issues won’t get in your way when you enlist Wealth Management. Blair will speak with you and reveal every cost and service fee upfront to prevent you from encountering unpleasant surprises.


When you speak with him about your decision, he will let you know what to expect during each stage. Giving you this information and remaining transparent from the start to the end is how Blair enables you to make wise decisions. He only wants you to work with him if doing so is in your best interests, and he will ensure you understand everything before moving forward.



Craft Your Legacy


Time, sweat, energy and tears are often what it takes to build wealth over the years, and Blair knows how important it is for you to protect the assets you have earned. If you listen to the advice you are given, your money will stay secure, and you can pass it on to your family when the time is right.


Navigating the uncertainty of retirement funds is not always a simple task, and some people get discouraged along the way. Blair will help you avoid common pitfalls and empower you to achieve your desired outcome in no time. He has been helping people make smart choices since 1994, and he will gladly do the same for you and your family.



Final Thoughts


You have earned every penny you have, but knowing what path to take so that you can retain your wealth is vital. When one wrong move can force you to lose everything, you need an experienced expert in whom you can trust. Richard Blair will get to know you and your goals so that he can help you construct a financial plan that matches the things you would like to achieve.


Caring support, professional guidance and peace of mind are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you enlist Wealth Management. You will know what steps to take and why doing so makes sense, but you will also learn why opting to work with Blair was the smart move. The money you have earned and the legacy you have created will be secure. The advice you get stops you from worrying about unexpected problems, letting you act with confidence.


Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law who has worked to create a big difference in the society. He is internationally recognized for his works in law and politics. His education contributes highly in his work among other things such as his virtues and the will to see a society that has an excellent operational law. Owing to his experience, Sujit has worked as an advisor to the constitutional making process. More about the professor on

Moreover, Sujit Choudhry has had the privilege to work with many countries to assist in lawmaking as well as in politics. He has written dozens of articles and reports as a means to inform the public issues related to law ( Besides, he does many kinds of research which address many law-related problems such as constitutional law, peaceful democratic politics, law design, and language politics among others.

An Analysis of a Tweet in His Latest Publication.

Recently, he did a publication which deals with constitutional democracy. He sees the constitutional democracy as a crisis due to the action taken by both the lawmakers as well as the public. Citizens reacted in social media platforms, after a motion to remove White House Special Counsel went public. This move was seen as a self-centered notion.

The view of Sujit Choudhry on this statement is that the constitution seems to be enforced in a focal point without emphasis of the law. The demonstration by the public would give a point that their demonstration should alter the government’s decisions which is not the case. On the other hand, the government officials making decisions on their own without upholding the law would express the constitutional disorder present.

According to Sujit Choudhry, the government going on with the outlining of dictated decisions is a misuse of power and laws, check He states that with the continuation of such activities, it would lead to people acting on personal interests without regarding the public or vice versa. In the long run, it will result in a land which is uncontrollable and out of hand.

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