Securus Technologies that Prevent Crime and Improve Communication

Securus has become a leader in prison technology. I have utilized this company multiple times for things like communication inside with inmates that are incarcerated. I have found the Securus video visitation to be among the best when it comes to video quality and affordability. This company has excelled in this area, and I think that there is and even greater possibility to grow as this company moves forward with crime prevention software. This is something that is prevalent inside of the prison system, and investigators and correctional officers are thankful for the efforts that Securus has made.


One good thing about Securus software is the analysis portion of investigation software. It has been upgraded over time, and it has become even better as this software has evolved.


I think that this company has been able to excel because it has been creating software that can really improve upon the way that images and videos are captured with fraternization. I think that there is a great need for this software, and Securus is presenting the best possible platform for correctional officers and investigators to utilize.


I have become a fan of Securus, and more than 85,000 inmates have been able to utilize this software for video visits as well. I think the company is becoming extremely popular, and there is a great amount of growth occurring because people can trust this software platform. In time I believe that it will be something that is the standard in most prison systems.


This software is not everywhere at the moment, but I believe that the company has the ability to expand. I think there are opportunities for Securus to become a leader in prison communication and investigation software. It has already proven to be one of the most effective prison technology companies.


Samuel Strauch- Owner Of Metrik Real Estate Company

Samuel Strauch is the founder of a real estate company known as Metrik Real estate. This is a company that he started in 2002. As a shrewd, creative and an entrepreneur with a high sense of success, Samuel Strauch has been able to find a space for himself in the competitive real estate business in South Florida.

Strauch holds a business administration degree from the Hofstra University. After finishing his degree at this institution, he preceded to join the Harvard University and the Erasmus University. At the Harvard, he concentrated on studying real estate and capital markets. At the Erasmus University, he studies international marketing and international finance.

After completing his education, he concentered on growing his career. Having learned a lot about the finance, his first destination was in the banking sector, where he worked for some time before leaving to join his family-owned real estate firm in Florida. Samuel Strauch finally made the breakthrough in the real estate sector in 2002 when he established his own company known as Metrik Real Estate. Over the years, Metrik Real Estate has grown to be one of the biggest real estate companies in Florida. Samuel Strauch now serves as the principal of the real estate company.

Metrik is now classified as a real estate development, management, and brokerage firm. The headquarters for Metrik Real Estate Company is in Miami Beach. Miami Beach is one of the best places that attract real estate investors from all over the world. In Miami, you will find people of all origins. It is a hotspot of real estate investment due to the value of property in the areas. The environment at Miami Beach is considered great for people looking for a holiday destination. Many wealthy people in the world come to Miami to buy vacation houses. Investors on the other side love Miami due to the high returns that property in the areas brings.

Samuel Strauch has developed a reputation in the industry as one of the people to go to when in need of real estate advice. Also, people looking to buy property in Miami can approach him for advice.


Sujit Choudry Helps Ukraine Gain its Constitutional Bearings

Top constitutional experts from around the world met in Ukraine July 10th, to discuss the future, and chart a path forward for a new Ukraine. The team started by discussing the current Ukranian system, a semi-presidential republic. Current problems included weak parties, presidential overreach, and the legislature electoral system. One of the headlines at this event, was the participation of Sujit Choudry, the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

Choudry was born in New Delhi, and raised in the Toronto Area. He attended McGill University, before obtaining law degrees from the University of Oxford and Harvard University. He currently heads the aforementioned Center for Constitutional Transitions, and is the Dean of the UC Berkley Law School.  Choudhry is considered one of the foremost experts of Constitutional law on the planet. He specializes in helping countries like Ukraine transition towards a stronger and more thorough constitution.   Related article on

The CCT does this by assembling and leading a network of international experts, experts like Choudry. Other experts present at the conference included Thomas Basilius from Dalarna University, and International IDEA Sumit Bisarya. They were joined by various Ukrainian representatives. The CCT also helps with other phases of transition beyond policy. They partner with NGO’s and mobilize workforces to get people into place to really be able to help.   A note-worthy article on

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At the summit, Choudry stressed the importance that the real constitutional change come from the current policy makers themselves. Outsiders writing an entire constitution can breed resentment, as well as abuse of power. He asked policy makers to observe problems, and find policy solutions for them. Basing the constitution from policy solutions rather than theoretical ideas is crucial for a long-lasting and effective constitution. For example, the current American constitution was a solution to the problems caused by the ineffective Articles of Confederation. With all the suffering that Ukraine has been through recently, this is a promising first step.  For more views from him, head over to

Watch his acceptance speech for an award in this article on


OSI Industries Acquisitions and the award received in 2016 from British Safety Council

To succeed in a business line, you must be very conversant with the factors that influence your line of business. You opt to be very experienced and able to diversify and understand what your customers need. OSI industries are one of the world leading global supplier and producer of value-added protein products that have mastered the techniques of remaining successful at a worldwide level. The company is very good at understanding the culture of the people they work within the local region and produce products that best suit the customer’s needs. The company has also been recognized for their efforts in managing environmental risks.

Recently OSI purchased a food processing facility and storage warehoused based in Chicago. Tyson Foods previously operated the plant, and it is located close to OSI’s existing facility. According to Kelvin Scott who is the senior executive vice president of OSI North America, the facility will enhance the capability of OSI to meet the ever growing and dynamic needs of the customers. Tyson Foods used to operate the Chicago plant as part of its prepared food business. Kevin was very excited and said that the company’s manufacturing process would improve significantly and meet the customer needs.

For the OAI Europe operations, the company expanded its operating by acquiring Baho Food, a private Dutch company. Baho specializes in the manufacture of meat product for retail industries and food service. Baho has branches in Germany and Netherlands. From these facilities, the company serves 18 different countries in Europe. They produce snacks and deli meats. According to David G. McDonalds who is the President and chief operating officer of OSI said that the acquisition is very strategic. He says the acquisition broadens OSI’s capabilities. The management of Boha will stay in touch and are excited to work with a leading champion like OSI Group.

In 2016, OSI industries were awarded a prestigious Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council. The award is given to organizations that portray excellent management of environmental risks. OSI passed the environmental management audit scheme conducted by the British safety council.

A butcher in Chicago started OSI. The company has served for over 100 years in the meat industry. OSI group operates in 17 countries across the globe. China is their leading Poultry products producer. The CEO, Sheldon Lavin has served in the company for more than 40 years. The headquarters of OSI is based in Aurora Illinois.

OSI Group Info:

Sujit Choudhry a Renowned Constitutional Expert Globally

Sujit Choudhry, a renowned constitutional expert, had a discussion with other top constitutional experts on July 10th in Kiev. Sujit is the founder and Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The discussions were based on the semi-presidential system of the Ukraine government including some of the challenges that the system face. The debate was conducted by some of the big names and best minds in matters constitution and democracy, and they included people from the international institute for democracy and electoral assistance, intergovernmental organizations that supported sustainable democracies, and center for policy and legal reforms among others. Choudhry in a statement said he was much honored to be part of the discussions that involved a team of experts. He further explained that democratization in Ukraine was not stable and that too much concentration of power in the presidency, weak political parties and the legislature kind of electoral system are some of the things that contributed to political instability in Ukraine.

The panelist in the discussion comprised of very distinguished guests such as Vladimir Vasilenko a human rights activist from Ukraine, Sergyi Holovati a member of Ukraine constitutional commission and Viktor Musiaka president representative in the Supreme Court just to mention but a few. Sujit Choudhry for the better part of his life has been lecturing in different countries around the globe on constitutional matters and has provided constitutional advice to many nations. Choudhry has also written a publication by the name Constitutional Making which comprises of a series of academic contributions and classic articles on Constitutional Law.  Additional article on

The Center for Constitutional Transitions where Choudhry is the director is responsible for the generation and mobilization of knowledge and ideas that support constitution making. The organization achieves its goals by having a team of experts both locally, and international whom assembles and produce evidence-based policy options.  Read his shared views here,

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry serves as a professor of law at the University of California. Choudhry is known all over the world as constitutional law and politics experts and has participated in the constitution-making processes of many countries as an advisor some of which include Egypt, Jordan, and South Africa among others.  More to read on

Choudhry has contributed a lot in matters constitution, and among his contributions, he has authored over ninety articles, books, and reports on the constitution. Some of the books he has written include The Migration of Constitution Ideas and the Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution among others.  Check this on

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Bernard Chua’s Positive Influence to his Community

The respected entrepreneur, Bernardo has accomplished great success since he started practicing his medical career. He first worked at Gano where he engineered the establishment of the company’s branches in other countries worldwide.

Berndo Chua then launched Organo Gold where he is the president of overall company’s operations. His company deals in distributing consumer products across the globe. His service at the company has earned him a wealth of experienced alongside other ginormous accomplishments.

As a renowned entrepreneur, he has formulated successful ways of ensuring that the company makes reasonable sales at the end of every financial year. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

The marketers that he has employed have as well played their roles effectively. The company’s products have therefore gained markets internationally whence earning Bernardo Chua large amounts of revenue.

The success of his business ventures is due to the employment of strategic goals and visions for his company. His ventures have risen to be the best among all the providers of consumable tea and coffee. What’s more is that his expertise in managing his businesses successfully has earned him many laurels from various organizations. Read more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

He received the Dangal ng Bayan Awards alongside some of his employees. Additionally, he has also been awarded a couple of People’s Choice Awards among other accolades as the Best Sales Manager and many others.

Interestingly, his influence has been felt in various communities where his products have impacted positively on the health status of many individuals. Some of the medical benefits that most people have ripped off healthy tea are endless.

To begin with, Organo Gold coffee has built the body’s immunity against disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and various classes of viruses.

Moreover, the natural coffee drinkers have been relieved of their cardiovascular disorders since they discovered the products. Not exempting the relief that arthritis patients have had since they started consuming Organo Gold coffee. The product has also cured most allergies for people living within the communities.

Altogether, Bernardo Chua coupling the necessary resources and qualified personnel to ensure that he achieves his company’s goals has really appealed to me. His tireless efforts have made him achieve enormous success as well impact positively to different communities.

Eric Lefkofsky Contributions in Cancer Treatment

The growth of lung cancer is affected by both environmental and genetic risk factors with the most discussed being tobacco smoking. A Dartmouth research was done recently and was led by Yafang Li, Ph.D., with the aim of displaying that gene-smoking interactions also play a significant role in the lung cancer risk.

In the study, three variations or novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in our DNA that determine our susceptibility to illness were discovered which included one SNP for squamous cell lung cancer risk and two SNPs for non-small cell lung cancer. The three novel SNPs can provide potential candidate biomarkers for lung cancer risk intervention and screening.

OncoArray Consortium provided the phenotype and genotype data. According to Li, this study is the most extensive genome-wide SNP- smoking interaction analysis published for lung cancer. These SNPs classifies lung cancer risk by smoking behavior and are also potential biomarkers to improve the ability of researchers to categorize an individual risk of lung cancer by the specific smoking behavior. The team aims at giving tests of other populations with different genetic backgrounds because this research was done to a particular Caucasian population. Therefore this study cannot be used to generalize everyone because people are genetically diverse.

Many people help in cancer treatment including Eric Lefkofsky who co-founded a company known as Tempus. Tempus was established to primarily focus on genomic sequencing of patients to help customize their treatment. Technicians are now able to provide personalized cancer care because of the advanced recording mechanism.

Eric Lefkofsky entered the healthcare globe when a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer. During treatment, Eric noticed how there lacked enough technology on data collection and record keeping. Therefore the idea of Tempus was born which creates a platform that combines both clinical and genomic data specific to a patient making it easier for treatment.

Mr. Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969, in Southfield, Michigan but spent most of his adult time in Chicago. Eric joined the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors and later entered the University of Michigan, School of Law graduating with a Juris Doctor. He is an entrepreneur who started by selling carpets at the university and has grown to co-found many companies.

Moreover, Eric Lefkofsky is a philanthropist and has funded many organizations. For example, together with his wife, Elizabeth, they created the Lefkofsky Foundation which is a charitable trust fund supporting scientific, charitable and educational institutions. Eric is positive about helping improve cancer’s treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helps Prostate Cancer Patients

Currently, cancer has become a very dangerous medical condition that is killing people every day. Some forms of cancer, however, are very common among the patients. One of these is prostate cancer. According to a recent survey by medical professionals, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. Many organizations in the world are now focusing on creating awareness about the cancer among all men. With early detection, it is possible to treat and cure prostate cancer. Professionals from all over the world are educating the world concerning the benefits of early screening to the citizens.

Just recently, National Football League Alumni Association and the famous Cancer Treatment Centers of America partnered so that they could educate men in the country about the importance of early screening. In the first month, more than two thousand men who are aged forty and above have chosen to sign up for the medical procedure so that they can receive screening from the professionals. The candidates selected for the campaign will receive a great discounted service from some of the most experienced doctors in the world. The sign up period will last for only six months, and people are encouraged to take part in the activity.

In a survey conducted in men early this year, more than one hundred thousand individuals have been diagnosed with the dangerous disease. The individuals who are at a higher risk of getting the medical condition are those who are more than forty years old. The family history and the race also matter in the cancer diagnosis. Individuals who have African American genes have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded several years ago, and its main aim is to combat the effects of cancer in the society. The national network has several medical facilities and it serves adults who are living with cancer.

IDLife’s Ideal Dietary Supplements Ensures Quality Living

IDLife is a network and marketing company for health products suited for vitality and overall fitness for its users. It is headquartered in Frisco, Texas and has specialized in the customized distribution of unique prescriptions. The company was featured in 2014 in the DSA Magazine Issue.

IDLife operates uniquely by offering clients a questionnaire on specific health-related questions. The responses given are used to establish ideal nutritional supplements and customized needs. There can be absolutely no single health ingredient to suit all.

How IDLife Works

All their products have an attached 30-day money back provision. They offer food and nutritional supplements for a number of health-related ailments. The products offered are not FDA regulated and hence it is highly recommended that you consult physicians and medical practitioners before enrolling on IDLife programs.

Their products similarly are not used for diagnosis purposes, prevention of any disease or even cure. IDLife is purely there to offer healthy supplements for nutrition and overall health.

Some Beneficial IDLife Products

• IDLife Energy Shot- customized with natural caffeine. This will kick-start your day and give you the extra energy in a way calories cannot. It is good in the place of energy drinks.

• IDLife Skin Care- the product provides guaranteed 24-hour anti-aging protection. It has been suggested for keeping your skin young, toned, soft and healthier.

• IDLife Sleep- this is a sleep aid, a flavored mint taken before retiring to bed. It helps the user sleep fast and deep.

• IDLife Appetite Control- this is a dietary provision for supplementing all diets. It helps curb unnecessary cravings, weight management, and exercise regimes.

• IDLife Nutrition- this is a customized formulation based on the individual HIPAA results.

• IDLife Shake- this is a protein drink with a combination of three omega 3 fatty acids and rich in fibers. It has less of calories and is good for muscles, joints and even weight loss.

Enhancing Wellness through Partnerships

Customers for IDLife products are encouraged to purchase a Vivo Tracker. With this IDLife Wellness app, they can streamline their health preferences. The application collects and shares accurate information by measuring activity and meals intake information.

The Vivo app similarly measures sleep patterns and the average weekly sleep quality that one has enjoyed. IDLife has been able to help users adjust automatically to the calorie demands and other crucial dietary requirements. More time for exercise and healthy eating is all that IDLife works towards achieving.

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Rick Smith Expands Securus Technology Further

Rick Smith is one of the leading persons who have devoted their time and technical expertise to providing inmate technologies that have eased service delivery in correctional facilities across the country. Currently, Mr. Smith is at the helm of Securus Technologies as the CEO. He joined the firm in 2008, and since then, the firm has been on a continuous growth trajectory. Today, it serves more than 1,000,000 inmates in North America and other security agencies.The acquisition of JPay Inc. is among the steps the company took to actualize its growth strategy. In April 2015, Securus Technologies finalized a deal for the purchase of JPay, another leading technology firm in the inmate business segment. In this agreement, JPay will continue with its current operation structure, but it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Securus. JPay provides inmate payments, email and tablet products. The purchase of JPay put Securus Technology on the map as one of the fastest growing companies in the corrections business arena.

While giving his remarks when the transaction was sealed, Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, said that joining hands with JPay would give the company the opportunity to expand their service portfolio into providing any nature of technology that is needed for proper operation of correctional facilities. The executive further remarked that their decision to acquire JPay was informed by the fact that the firm has recorded consistent growth both in its products and in service delivery.On the other hand, Ryan Shapiro, who serves as CEO of JPay said that his firm is focused on developing products that deliver high value to consumers. He also pointed out that teaming up with Securus Technologies would enable the company to deliver its services at the fastest pace. Mr. Shapiro appreciated his members of staff for their relentless efforts in ensuring that JPay’s products match its vision of making inmate facilities much safer, efficient and above all making the transition from prison-life to normal life much easier for prisoners.

Rick Smith’s experience in telecom industry spans over many years. Previously he has worked for Global Crossing North America where he served as controller and chief information officer. Mr. Smith also made a stint in other notable companies that include Frontier Information Technologies, Eschelon Telecom Inc., and Midwest among others.Rick Smith moved to Securus Technologies in 2008 where he has been pivotal in propelling the firm’s expansion and improved service delivery. The numerous letters and emails the company receives periodically from satisfied customers is a clear indication that Securus Technologies is a force to reckon with in the correctional industry. Rich Smith holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Other qualifications include; associate’s degree, a master’s in engineering and an MBA.